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Entrance to Japanese
Stroll Garden & Pavilion

The Imperial Pine and the H. William Merritt Gate on the path to The Japanese Pavilion.

Photo: Joe Mullan

Hiroshima Survivor

The Yamaki pine is truly a testament
to peace and beauty, and we are
fortunate to realize the
miracle of its survival in 1945.

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The Japanese Collection began with the gift of 53 bonsai from Japan on the occasion of the American Bicentennial in 1976.  The trees, which were from private collections, were selected by the Nippon Bonsai Association with financial assistance given by the Japan Foundation.

In early 1975 the trees arrived in the United States and spent a year in quarantine at Glenn Dale, Maryland.  On July 19, 1976 the collection was dedicated in a ceremony attended by many dignitaries from both countries. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, was the featured speaker and accepted the gift on behalf of the United States.

The oldest tree in the Museum Collection (1625)
Photo: Joe Mullan

The complete story on this gift of trees can be found in the NBF publication: The Bonsai Saga: How The Bicentennial Collection Came to America” by former U.S. National Arboretum Director, Dr. John Creech.  This book was published as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Museum.

Photo: Joe Mullan

The collection, now numbering 63 trees, is on display from April through October in the Japanese Pavilion that was designed by Masao Kinoshita of Sasaki Associates.  In the winter months the trees can be viewed in the Dr. Yee-sun Wu Chinese Pavilion.

Japanese Collection Gallery

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  • <i>Pinus thunbergii</i> | Japanese Black Pine <br /> Donor: Saichi Suzuki | In Training Since 1895<br />
  • <i>Pinus parviflora 'Miyajima'</i> | Japanese White Pine <br />Donor: Masaru Yamaki | In Training Since 1625
  • <i>Pinus parviflora 'Miyajima'</i> | Japanese White Pine <br />Donor: Diazo Iwasaki | In Training Since 1855
  • <i>Picea glehnii</i> | Ezo Spruce <br />Donor: Tokichi Matsu | In Training Since 1935
  • <i>Cryptomeria japonica</i> | Japanese Cedar <br />Donor: Eisaka Sato | In Training Since 1905
  • <i>Elaeagnus pungens</i> | Thorny Elaeagnus <br />Donor: Takahashi Teisuke | In Training Since 1825
  • <i>Zelkova serrata</i> | Japanese Zelkova <br />Donor: Yoshibumi Itoigawa | In Training Since 1895
  • <i>Stewartia pseudocamellia</i> | Summer Camellia <br />                                     Donor: Masanosuke Ikeda | In Training Since 1926
  • <i>Malus seiboldii 'Toringo'</i> | Toringo Crabapple <br />                                     Donor: Shyuichi Ueda | In Training Since 1905
  • <i>Carpinus tschonoskii</i> | Hornbeam <br /> Donor: Minoru Koshimura | In Training Since 1935
  • <i>Fagus crenata</i> |  Japanese Beech <br />                                     Donor: Kiyoshi Kawamata  | In Training Since 1946
  • <i>Fagus crenata</i> |  Japanese Beech <br />Donor: Taro Takemi  |  In Training Since 1936
  • <i>Ginkgo biloba</i> |  Ginkgo <br />Donor: Kiku Shinkai  |  In Training Since 1926
  • <i>Ginkgo biloba</i> |  Ginkgo <br />Donor: Masayuki Fujio  |  In Training Since 1896
  • <i>Pseudocydonia sinensis</i> |  Chinese Quince <br />Donor: Etsusaboro Shina |  In Training Since 1875
  • <i>Chaenomeles speciosa</i> |  Japanese Quince <br />Donor: Akitoma Hata  |  In Training Since 1876
  • <i>Chaenomeles speciosa 'Toyo-Nishiki'</i> | Japanese Quince <br />Donor: Seiji Kaya  |  In Training Since 1876
  • <i>Acer buergerianum</i> |  Trident Maple <br />Donor: Tanekichi Isozaki  |  In Training Since 1856
  • <i>Acer palmatum</i> |  Japanese Maple <br />Donor: Ryutaro Azuma  |  In Training Since 1906
  • <i>Acer palmatum 'Kiyo-hime'</i> |  Japanese Maple <br />Donor: Akiko Matsudaira  |  In Training Since 1946
  • <i>Acer palmatum 'Yatsubusa'</i> |  Japanese Maple <br />Donor: Shintaro Abe  |  In Training Since 1946
  • <i>Acer buergerianum</i>  |  Trident Maple   <br>Donor: Prince Takamatsu  |  In Training Since 1895
  • <i>Pinus densiflora</i>  |  Japanese Red Pine  <br>Donor: The Imperial Household  | In Training Since 1795
  • <i>Magnolia kobus</i>  |  Japanese Magnolia  <br>Donor:  Kazuo Moriyama  |  In Training Since 1986
  • <i>Ligustrum obtusifolium</i>  |  Japanese Privet  <br>Donor: Seiko Koizumi  |  In Training Since 1968
  • <i>Juniperus rigida</i>  |  Japanese Needle Juniper  <br>Donor: Yoshihiko Tsuchiya  |  In Training Since 1966
  • <i>Acer buergerianum</i>  |  Trident Maple  <br>Donor: Bunbei Hara  |  In Training Since 1918
  • <i>Picea jezoensis</i>  |  Ezo Spruce  <br>Donor: Saburo Kato  |  In Training Since 1939
  • <i>Acer palmatum</i>  |  Japanese Maple  <br>Donor: Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi  |  In Training Since 1939
  • <i>Acer palmatum</i> |  Japanese Maple  <br>Donor: Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi |  In Training Since 1984
  • <i>Zelkova serrata</i>  | Japanese Zelkova  <br>Donor:  Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi |  In Training Since 1984
  • <i>Acer buergerianum</i>  |  Trident Maple  <br>Donor: Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi |  In Training Since 1919
  • <i>R.I. Satsuki 'Korin'</i>  |  Satsuki Azalea <br>Donor/Training Date Unknown
  • <i>R.I. Satsuki 'Gyoten'</i>  |  Satsuki Azalea  <br>Donor: Shogo Watanabe  |  Training Date Unknown
  • <i>R.I. Satsuki 'Nikko'</i>  |  Satsuki Azalea  <br>Donor: Masayuki Nakamura  |  Training Date Unknown
  • <i>R.I. Satsuki 'Kunpu'</i>  |  Satsuki Azalea  <br>Donor: Tashikane Kondo  | Training Date Unknown
  • <i>Camellia japonica</i>  |  Japanese Camellia  <br>Donor: Susumu Nakamura  |  In Training Since 1950
  • <i>Eurya emarginata</i>  |  Eurya  <br>Donor: Susumu Nakamura  |  In Training Since 1970
  • <i>Pinus parviflora 'Zuisyo'</i>  |  Japanese White Pine  <br>Donor: Daizo Iwasaki  |  Training Date Unknown
  • <i>Pinus parviflora</i>  |  Japanese White Pine  <br>Donor: Daizo Iwasaki  |  Training Date Unknown
  • <i>Diospyrus kaki</i>  |  Japanese Persimmon  <br>Donor: King Hassen II  |  In Training Since 1893
  • <i>Pinus parviflora</i>  |  Japanese White Pine  <br>Donor: King Hassen II  |  In Training Since 1832
  • <i>Ulmus davidiana</i> var. japonica | Japanese Elm <br /> Donor: Shyunichi Sato | In Training Since 1906
  • <i>Pseudocydonia sinensis</i> | Chinese Quince <br /> Donor: Etsusaboro Shina | In Training Since 1876
  • <i>Camellia japonica 'Higo'</i> | Japanese Camellia <br /> Donor: Nippon Bonsai Growers Cooperative, Kyushu Branch | In Training Since 1875
  • <i>Acer buergerianum</i> | Trident Maple <br /> Donor: Takeo Fukuda | In Training Since 1916
  • <i>Tsuga diversifolia</i> | Japanese Hemlock <br /> Donor: Princess Chichibu | In Training Since 1926
  • <i>Camellia japonica</i> | Japanese Camellia <br /> Donor: Ginnosuke Sakuma | In Training Since 1936
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