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Bonsai Magazines, Books & Software

Bonsai Focus magazine, books & videos   (in 6 languages)
International Bonsai magazine    
BONSAI Journal of the American Bonsai Society  
Bonsai Magazine Published by Bonsai Clubs International (B.C.I.)  
Golden Statements Magazine Golden State Bonsai Federation  
Bonsai Bonsai-Club Deutschland e.V. {in German}
Natur und Mensch    
Online Bonsai Journals

Bonsai Empire    
Bonsai Today Online Journal {in English, French, German & Spanish}  
Bonsai Online Magazine    
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North American Bonsai
Compiled and edited by Martin Schmalenberg  
Bonsai Book List and Review by The Bonsai Site  
Timber Press Publishers of Bonsai, Penjing & related books  
Bonsai Books by Craig Coussins Written by Craig Coussins  
National Bonsai Foundation Books for Sale Book, CD Rom & Video  
Art of Bonsai    
Les Arbres Nains Japonais (Dwarf Japanese Trees) (1902) by Albert Maumené  
Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment. A Journey Exploring an Ancient Chinese Art and Its History, Cultural Background, and Aesthetics. by Qingquan Zhao  
Man Lung Penjing by Mr. Wu Yee-Sun  
Beyond Suiseki by Manette Gerstle  
Bonsai Software

The Bonsai Primer    

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