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Children’s Workshop: Will It Be a Bonsai or a Big Tree?

Children’s Workshop: Will It Be a Bonsai or a Big Tree?

An adult-child activity

Every tree seedling has its fate, and in this workshop, you can learn how that fate is determined. One adult and one child will have a special day together as they work as lab partners, using their “scientist eyes” to observe details and make comparisons. We’ll learn about plant physiology, ecosystems and bonsai history, too.  At the close of class, each research team will receive a seedling whose fate they will decide. Will your tree go through the rigorous training to become a bonsai or will you plant it outdoors in spring to grow up wild, big and free?  Be sure to bring warm coats since we will be in an open exhibit area for part of the workshop. This activity is not recommended for participants under the age of 8, and is geared to children in the third and fourth grades. Due to limited classroom space, strollers can’t be accommodated. Led by Michael James, Curator, National Bonsai & Penjing Museum.

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