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Campaign for the Japanese Pavilion: A Gift Renewed

The Japanese Pavilion of the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum was the first museum structure.  Designed by the esteemed architect Masao Kinoshita of Sasaki, the Pavilion was completed in 1976.  Now in 2012, after almost 35 years of constant exposure to the elements, the walls are damaged, the benches that display the tree are deteriorating, and the structure and display areas need to be upgraded.

The Arboretum has turned to the National Bonsai Foundation, as it has many times before, to help rectify these unfortunate conditions.  NBF welcomes this opportunity to stabilize not only the existing structure but also to improve the display and care of the trees and to make the pavilion more welcoming to the thousands of visitors who come each year to pay homage to these works of art.

The cost for the restoration of the Japanese Pavilion is calculated at $2 million.  A philanthropic member of the NBF Board of Directors has come forward with a promised gift of $1,500,000. Thus NBF is embarking on the Campaign to raise the remaining $500,000.

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The John Y. Naka Collections and Facilities Fund was founded for the benefit and improvement of the collections and facilities of the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum and in particular to enhance the John Y. Naka North American Pavilion. NBF is now soliciting contributions to this fund for the paving of the interior of the North American Pavilion to make it accessible for all visitors.

For more information on making a significant contribution to the John Y. Naka Collection Fund please contact Marybel Balendonck.

All gifts will be gratefully acknowledged and should be sent to:

James J. Hughes
National Bonsai Foundation
3501 New York Avenue N.E.
Washington D.C. 20002

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