North American Collection

The North American Collection is displayed in the John Y. Naka North American Pavilion and the tropical species of these trees are found in the Haruo Kaneshiro Tropical Conservatory.  All of the 63 trees that make up the collection are the work of people who live in North America.

The North American Pavilion was dedicated in 1990 and it honors the work of North American Master bonsai artist, John Y. Naka (1914-2004).  His world famous forest planting “Goshin” is prominently displayed at the entrance to the pavilion.  The trees of this collection are on exhibit in the Pavilion from Spring until Fall.  In the winter months  they can be viewed in the Chinese Pavilion.


Photo: Joe Mullan

The Tropical Conservatory was completed in 1993 and is named for “Papa” Kaneshiro (1907-1991) who was known as the father of bonsai in Hawaii.  The tropical trees are on display throughout the year in the Conservatory except for the summer months when they are moved to the North American Pavilion.


John Y. Naka with his Forest Planting
“Goshin” in 2003.
Photo: Museum Staff


Interior of the Tropical Conservatory
Photo: Joe Mullan